LEEF Infusions – www.leef.com.au – be assisted at the deepest levels through Lee’s unique and great tasting range of frequency infused herbal blends and fine teas.

Azura Creations – www.azuracreations.com – Saajz offers you healing and gentle energy attunements through sacred art.

Sacred Self – www.sacredself.com.au – Michelle McGrath brings you high frequency essential oils and vibrational essences reconnecting you with the love in you.

The Divine University – www.thedivineuniversity.com

Qala Sri’ama Phoenix – www.qalasriama.com – Qala brings you profound programs to bring your being into a more conscious and empowered state.

The Celestial Project – www.thecelestialproject.com – a worldwide project where individuals come together over a link-up hosted by Qala Sri’ama Phoenix for the purpose of bringing deep healing, love and karmic release to the planet and humanity.

Ascended Master Channel – www.ascendedmasterchannel.com – Ineasa Mabu Ishtar brings you programs and direct assistance if you are on the path of channeling from the Family of Light.