Business Energy Reading $244

Just as you are a living being with energy flowing in and out of you, your business also is a being of a different nature that has energy flowing in and out of it. The growth of a business is fed by the energies and decisions of those who work in or are connected to the organisation – the business owners, employees, customers, affiliates, etc. Understanding the energy of your business can be the difference between growth and subtle or dramatic decline.

In this session, a reading is done of your business’ energy body revealing:

1. The highest level of dysfunction and energy leakage (if any) occurring in the business at the present time;
2. What is at the core of the dysfunction; and
3. What actions may be required on a physical level to rectify this.

Energetic healing is also done on the energy body of the business, the effect of which extends to the members of the organisation.

Remote session where a summary of the session reading is provided via email or over phone. Any healing work undertaken during the session and recommendations of further healing required is included in this summary