Personal Akashic Healing

The Akasha, the library of all your soul’s memories, also holds the records or memories of suffering that your soul feels is not resolved. It is these old records of past suffering that play back to you in your experiences in this life time. These records may inhibit you connecting to the flow of happiness and peace in specific or all areas of your life. And subconsciously you create patterns of behaviour to protect yourself from replaying these records of painful experiences. Assisted by a team of enlightened beings, Lee opens her universal connection to access your Akashic Records. Your soul is gently assisted to release the wounded memories, resolve karma and break any agreements and beliefs it may have established as a means of protection from future re-occurrence.

Once released, parts of your true nature that had been previously denied or not fully embraced can emerge into your everyday life and be expressed effortlessly. You can find yourself feeling more balanced, grounded and having more flow in your life, in your relationships and in your being.

This type of healing works at the deepest levels. Effortlessly shifting limiting beliefs and thought patterns held at conscious and subconscious levels into new truths about you, others and your path forward.

Your session is focused on clearing and releasing that which is your highest priority at this time. This may be aligned to a particular area or theme in your life or simply allow the focus to unfold.

Sessions connected to the theme of ‘Creation’ is an example of this. Lee has developed a program of sessions around the theme of ‘Creation Support’ that centres around the creation stages of Conceiving, Bearing, Birthing, Rearing and Incorporating. These sessions release unresolved or looping memories affecting your behavioural responses that may be currently preventing you from effortlessly creating a child, a project or a business. Click here to read more about these special path affirming sessions.

Personal Akashic Healing – Live $150 (upto 1.5 hrs, $99/hr thereafter)

Live session via phone, skype or face to face

Personal Akashic Healing – Remote $150

Receive a remote session at the day and time of your choosing, regardless of location or time zone. Lee will do the session and will either record it or write a summary of the session’s healing, based on your preference. Receiving these sessions can be done in one of two ways. Firstly, you receive a large portion of the energy work of the session while you sleep. Then you receive the energy healing for your conscious mind, at your chosen time in your home or other personal space, by either listening to the recording of the session or reading its written summary.
Instructions and session summary or recording provided via email

Life/Spiritual Coaching 1hr $77 1/2hr $44

Gain insight and clarity on one or more matters of challenge in your life. Your reactions to challenging situations come from a very deep place of needing to protect oneself, of beliefs acquired out of previous experiences that were difficult for you. The frustration you experience in others, or in the external world, mirrors frustration you hold inwardly of yourself. You are offered perspectives on your situation for you to create empowered ways of reacting. Bring greater peace and grace in your life.
Live session via phone, skype or face to face

After Session Powerchat up to 30mins $44 or $33 if you book within 10days of receiving your session

The perfect follow-up to an Akashic Healing Session. A powerfully empowering mini session based on the format of a Life/Spiritual Coaching session. You gain insight and clarity on one matter of challenge in your life and are assisted to create empowered ways of reacting that build your communication and expression skills, brings healing to you and a more consistent flow of happiness and peace in your life. Live session via phone or skype