In 2007 I received in channel with a group of enlightened beings, known as my ascension council, to undergo a journey of receiving Akashic healing sessions every 2 weeks over a six month period related specifically to the different stages of creation. The purpose was to release old and unresolved energy I held around creating or developing a child,a business or project in my life; and to bring my understanding and wisdoms of these sessions to others by offering them as a program.

I initially received 17 sessions connected to the 5 different creation stages and then did several others after that time. I was almost 40 at that time and although I wanted a child I wanted to relinguish any attachments and family/societal/community beliefs I had around this matter so that the end result of doing the sessions would open me to a pathway of parenthood or another equally fulfilling pathway of creation with total resolve and love for my self. The result of these sessions for me, after 18 months, revealed my pathway was to be a mother and I naturally conceived a child with my partner at age 42.

Some clients who received these sessions also opened to the pathway of parenthood. And others opened to their unique pathway of creation which sat outside their family and community ideals and had previously left these individuals feeling isolated. 

You are offered this unique approach to your Akashic healing to fully support your creations in life. Lee Zalia Lichtnauer

Clearing and Opening Pathways of Creation Through the Akasha

The Creation Support sessions are a powerful way for you to gently release difficult or unresolved memories and to clear unconscious pathways that are preventing you from effortlessly creating your heart’s desires. This could be creating a child, a project, a business or simply connecting you to your unique path of creation. Through clearing any blocks you hold about creating frees you to affirm your heart’s path and feel fulfilled and at peace about the things you create in your life. The key stages connected to Creation are:

Conceiving ~ Bearing ~ Birthing ~ Rearing ~ Incorporating

Within each of these stages are a range of thoughts and patterns of behaviour that enable you to experience these stages in a positive and flowing way.

If you hold, at a conscious or unconscious level, memories of upset, trauma, suffering felt by you or witnessed by you, these memories can attach to your belief and thoughtform system, creating you and/or your body to have patterns of behaviour not in alignment with your true heart’s desire or path moving forward. These patterns have been put in place by you as a means of protecting you from experiencing a level of suffering that you have felt before or witnessed in another.

The Creation Support sessions assist your limited thoughts and misaligned or looping patterns of behaviour to be in step with your true path forward.

A variety of matters can be related to one Creation stage. You may therefore require more than one sessions within a stage in order to approach that area of creation in your life fearlessly and with an open heart.

You receive a customized program before the program begins. The program is received from your Divine Presence and conveys to you the number of sessions that is in divine order for you to receive, the creation stages they represent and the order of sessions. This is provided to you at no cost.

Example of custom programs completed by clients:

Example 1. A program of 10 sessions of the following type and order: Bearing, Birthing, Incorporating, Bearing, Rearing, Conceiving, Birthing, Conceiving, Rearing, Bearing. Some sessions were 2-4 weeks apart.

Example 2. A program of 4 personal sessions and 2 joint sessions with the client’s partner of the following type and order: Bearing (joint), Birthing, Rearing, Conception, Bearing, Incorporating (joint). Sessions were 3-5 weeks apart.

Creation Stages

To give you some understanding of the Creation stages, the following lists some of the thoughtforms and patterns of behaviour that you may be reconnected to when you have a Creation Support session of a particular creation stage.


  • Your intimate connection to another during sex
  • Your fertility and ability to conceive
  • The nature of your existence – joining your heart with others
  • Jointly creating with another in alignment to highest potential
  • Conceiving a project/child/business with grace, heart and honour
  • Conceiving your heart’s desire – overcoming the mindset of limited time
  • Creating actions that honour you – releasing compromise of self in order for the child/project/business to get underway (be conceived)
  • Opening connection to your conception pathways


  • Holding responsibility without feeling overwhelmed by it
  • Holding love and compassion instead of judgment for times when you feel a sense of not coping
  • Releasing self abuse at times when you want to prove a point
  • Carrying and gestating a child/idea/business with an expanded vision
  • Growing a child/idea/business
  • Maintaining focus and attention to a child/idea/business
  • Creating enjoyable flow of growth
  • Connection to the ‘oneness’ of all that is
  • Knowing that you hold the physical elements, ready and in place, to bear a child/project/business.
  • Knowing there are no physical impediments of a high enough proportion that will create a miscarriage or failure at some point
  • Maintaining grounded connection to the child/project/business your are creating – dispelling romantic visions that can divert focus
  • Holding balanced support for your self
  • Honouring you and the time you spend alone
  • Connection to your power and expressing it honestly and freely with another during sex and with others day to day
  • Connection to the truth of your being – beautiful, magnificent, a bright and shining light
  • Honouring life in the present
  • Holding independence in a supportive way
  • Maintaining balance between your vision and your inner development and initiation to the birthing process
  • Understanding your role in caring for the earth
  • Connecting to the concept that all created is a gift and is perfect for you – dispelling expectations of the mind around perfection
  • Finding peace in knowing that you can create the perfect child/project/business in adverse conditions’
  • Bearing a healthy child – accessing a healthy mind
  • Nourishing others by taking care of you and your path as a priority
  • Changing (ways of doing things) systems – viewing change as an adventure
  • Accessing divine timing – releasing the need to guarantee a safe world/time for your child/project/business


  • Accessing your power to birth creations
  • Connection to equal power sharing with another
  • Birthing other people’s creations/ birthing your own creations
  • Trusting the outcome of your own creations will be undistorted
  • Resolving questions about your own existence and value in being in this lifetime
  • Creating experiences of life being free of struggle
  • Creating experiences and patterns of behaviour reflecting that you are not a struggle or inconvenience to others
  • Releasing memories or ideas of childbirth being an experience of suffering
  • Releasing memories or ideas of your birth into the world as causing suffering or being a struggle to your mother


  • Your connection to your senses
  • Your connection to nature
  • Your path forward feeling possible to you
  • Connection to your purpose and your heart’s dream
  • Supporting your heart to stay open in times of difficulty
  • Completing projects through an open heart
  • Holding confidence in heart driven heart projects
  • Seeing responsibility as easy, taking on a leadership role as easy
  • Living in a balance of doing and planning and staying present


  • Expanding your life to embody more than one thing/role/person in your life
  • Expanding your mind to hold intimacy with more than one, ie. Incorporating your child or a partner into your family dynamic
  • Incorporating a new child/idea/business into your life
  • Expanding your understanding and acceptance that the pattern of things will change and it is ok
  • Creating healthy patterns of behaviour and clearing pathways to maintaining flow and progression
  • Feeling safe and releasing control over the path forward