There are a number of sacred support tools that you can use as ways to support you life every day. These range from support tools for your Personal Evolution and the development of your Higher Consciousness, support tools for your physical body, and service products that support the spaces you live, work and create in. The following are all tools that I co-create with others and the links will take you directly to these sacred support products.

For you Personal Evolution and the development of your Higher Consciousness

Azura Creations

Temple Crystals uniqely offers you beautiful crystals to support your sacred evolution with information that gives you a conscious connection to your crystal and its higher purpose. The Temple Crystals are perfectly suited to support the altar of your sacred space, support you while you meditate, work, create or undertake sacred earth work. These are especially suited to healers, lightworkers and higher spiritual initiates.

Divine Essence Elixirs connects you graceful pathways of transformation and higher consciousness development. The Blessings of the Amazon range opens your being into balance with the frequencies of Love, Wisdom and Power ~ the essential energies of the Amazon and that of creation. It also brings your consciousness into awareness of how these energies can feel and in what ways you overuse or deny expression of them.

For your Physical Body

LEEF Infusions

Let Mint Bliss, Rooibos Lemon, Calm Restorer and other artisan tisane blends from the original LEEF range assist you at the deepest levels. Each are infused with sacred encodements and universal light source frequencies, notably of grace and peace. All this through sacred contract with the nature spirits and adherence to universal law.

These infusions are an excellent way for you to walk in the world and have your spirit, soul and emotions met with love.

For the Spaces in which you Live, Work and Create

Bless My Life

The key areas of your life can all be supported through a weekly blessing. Each service is uniquely created to specifically assist so that you can be supported in all that you do. It is like having a breath of fresh air around you. Bless My Home, Bless My (Work) Space, Bless My Business (Energybody), Bless My Event, Bless My Meeting, Bless My Land and Bless My Crystals are just some of the blessings that can unfold into your life.

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